Кейс Plan B

The "Plan B" case is a set of surprises for those situations when everything goes wrong. Inside, you'll find everything you need to save the game, from weapons to gadgets. If you didn't manage to buy a second set of grenades, if you forgot to take your armor vest, or if your team fell apart within the first few rounds, don't panic, you have the Plan B case. This case has everything you need for a quick game recovery. You can find carbine mounts, bandages to stop bleeding, poison cleansing kits, and much more. If enemies start approaching your base, grab the Plan B case and you'll be ready for a fight. But remember, the Plan B case is not a magic wand that can change the course of the game. It's just a means for you to stay afloat until you regain your strength and find a way to win. If you're always having bad luck in the game, the Plan B case is your best friend!